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1: The most comprehensive walkthrough you'll find for singleplayer, multiplayer, and co-op; complete with tips, tricks, strategies, guides, videos, and more that you can't find anywhere else.



2: The hottest inside secrets to becoming not just a good player, but the greatest player you can possibly be. We'll show you how you can boost your K/D ratio to 3.5+ in just a matter of days!



3: Ongoing support for COD: Ghosts, meaning it will be continuously updated with the latest info as well as all you will ever need to know and more about future DLC's and expansions.



COD: Ghosts Pro is much more than an eBook.


You like being in control of your games, so we know you deserve to be in control of how you learn about them as well.


Ghosts Pro is a Live Interactive Database filled to the brim with everything there is to know about Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Your journey to the top begins with our handy Ghosts Bible, the Companion Guide. With it beside you as you play, you will know what to do and how to do it from the opening screen to the end credits and beyond. In it you will find the most Complete Walkthrough of all 18 campaign levels and all the tips, tricks, easter eggs, secrets, and more not found anywhere else online.


As a valued member of the Ghosts Pro family, you will have access to our Private Forum, where you will find other players from around the world to interact with as well as be assisted by our team of exclusive Call of Duty experts.


You no longer have to fight alone because Ghosts Pro has got your back. Our support will save you:


Frustration: Stop rage quitting and have us relieve your stress. From overcoming that tricky level you just can't get past to reminding that 12 year old with a sailor's mouth who's boss, we won't let you down. Finally, you can sit back and relax with no worries of breaking your killstreak or worse, your TV.


Effort: No longer will you have to struggle to score a kill or defend your point, as COD: Ghosts Pro will show you how to gain the upper hand on your enemy without even breaking a sweat. You'll effortlessly build scorestreaks without having to strain your finger muscles.


Time: Most importantly, Ghosts Pro will save you time. We all have lives, so who wants to waste precious minutes doing monotonous, repetitive stuff? No longer will you have to keep retrying from your last checkpoint or playing with bots to get a feel for the maps. Ghosts Pro will have you speed-running that level in no time, giving you in-depth knowledge of any map instantly.


The bad news is that you're missing out on how this game can really be played right now. Our online package helps you end your frustration and enjoy the game. We have the most current techniques that pro-gamers are using to DOMINATE it right now...



  • The best tips and tricks to help you beat all 18 levels in the campaign and dominate in multiplayer, regardless of your skill level!
  • In-depth look at the brand new customization options for your soldier, as well as the revamped perk system. Want to be a crazy fast female soldier wielding only a knife? We got you covered.
  • Beginner's guide to the series and what to expect when you jump into your first online match, including new game modes like the crazy twitch-fest that is Cranked.
  • Detailed visual walkthroughs of all 14 maps available at launch, so you know where the tightest chokepoints, best sniping spots, and most hidden camping locations are. (If that's your thing)
  • All the best kept secrets, easter eggs, and more that you won't find anywhere else and where/how to find them.
  • Weapons guide, so you know what weapons best suit your play-style and of course, all the juicy details/tips on how to most effectively utilize the brand new Marksman class rifle.
  • Levelling guide, so you can be the very first of your friends to Prestige and all the unlocks you'll gain along the way. We'll also show you how you can improve your K/D ratio to at least 3.5+ instantly with our hidden methods!

  • The best strategy guide you'll find anywhere for Ghosts' new co-op mode, Extinction. The answer to Treyarch's Zombies, Extinction features you and your friends battling against waves of Alien hordes. These aren't your typical slow Zombies though; these extraterrestrial beasts are super fast and we'll show you how to decimate them all.
  • Downloadable apps for playing COD: Ghosts on the go!
  • And so much more. We're barely scratching the surface of what you'll receive with COD: Ghosts Pro.


"This guide for COD: Ghosts delivers big time! The complete campaign walkthrough has proven extremely advantageous, plus all the Rorke File collectible locations is a great addition! I've got so many killstreaks since joining, and plenty of add-ons for the game I never imagined. Cheers!"
- Dean B, London, UK.


"Playing with the COD: Ghosts Pro clan is hella fun! I'm learning up so much from playing with everyone (like hidden weapons and maps), and discovering so much about Ghosts I never knew. My K/D ratio has jumped from 1.02 to 3.89 since joining! Lovin the guide and the whole community!"
- Jax D, San Diego, US.


"Ghosts is a precise, fast, extremely addictive game loaded with hidden features. So it stands to reason that this strategy guide for Ghosts is too! Definitely worth every penny, particularly the 'Create-a-Soldier' mods. Five stars!"
- Jerome H, Toronto, CA.



COD: Ghosts Pro allows you to choose specifically what parts of YOUR game need the most help enabling you to apply these tips and strategies to make your COD: Ghosts experience the ULTIMATE experience.


No other game out there can match the blockbuster value, entertainment, and overall experience of COD: Ghosts. If you play games on next-gen or current-gen, this is a game you do NOT want to miss!


Everyone's playing Ghosts, but you can do much more than that. You can conquer the game offline and online, but only with COD: Ghosts Pro.


Would you travel to a brand new city you've never been to without a map or guide? No? Then why would you travel through Ghosts' 14 multiplayer maps without the best map and guide at your fingertips? Play the game it was meant to be played. Play it with COD: Ghosts Pro.




Why is COD: Ghosts Pro a good value?


COD: Ghosts Pro is the absolute must-have if you are playing COD: Ghosts. There is no other source available that not only provides such a comprehensive Companion Guide, but ongoing, up-to-date support via a Members Only Live Interactive Database. This includes entire sections on Levels, Secrets, and Strategies not released anywhere else.


In addition, our Private Discussion Forum (which is a free bonus) lets you learn, share, and interact with other members and get assistance with any issue you may be having with the game.


Think about it. There is no point having paid for your copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts if you just aren't getting 100% out of it and experiencing it to its full potential.



Is this information available for free online?


Absolutely not. We provide fresh, concise, original content as compiled by our team of experienced gamers through our intricate knowledge of the game and industry sources. You won't find any of this content anywhere else online. All our information is exclusive to COD: Ghosts Pro.


We have tested, experimented, and probed every aspect of COD: Ghosts, so much so that we would not be surprised if we knew more about the game than the creators themselves!


If you give Ghosts Pro a try, you will be glad you did - and if not, there's a hassle-free refund guarantee. So what have you got to lose?



Can I access this from my PS3 or Xbox 360 or PC?


Yes. COD: Ghosts Pro can be accessed from any PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and XBOX ONE so you can consult it WHILE YOU PLAY!

Ghosts Pro can also be accessed on any PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad or tablet. We don't limit your options, but instead give you limitless options!



  • Lifetime access to our online Live Interactive Database which includes our exclusive COD: Ghosts Companion Guide, a Complete Visual Walkthrough of the entire game, Cheats, Secrets, and Strategies.
  • Lifetime updates including support for the multiplayer and exclusive access to our private Ghosts Clan.
  • Free access to the Private Discussion Forum which is online support center that allows you to interact with some of our elite gamers, share information with fellow players, and contains additional tips, cheats and strategies that are not available anywhere else.
  • Plus tons of bonus COD: Ghosts content such as maps, Easter eggs, secrets, and tricks!

Call of Duty: Ghosts sold more than 1 billion dollars on its launch day alone! With that many people playing, don't be left behind. Buy the game and our essential guide right now to get the most out of it!


Don't let yourself be just another soldier in the crowd of millions and millions of average players. Stand out with COD: Ghosts Pro and become a Call of Duty LEGEND.





If you act right now you can be playing COD: Ghosts like an absolute pro almost instantly.


You can get LIFETIME ACCESS to COD: Ghosts Pro for a very small one-time payment of $16.95.


Most other membership sites ask you for an ongoing monthly fee - but NOT us.


There are no hidden costs or extras, and no "upsells". This is a ONE-TIME small payment that will provide you with the ultimate COD: Ghosts support.


Be prepared to explore this game to its absolute full potential - no holds barred - with this insanely clear, easy to understand companion guide written and assembled by the most dedicated and experienced gamers in the business.


There is just so much to Call of Duty: Ghosts that we guarantee you will be surprised by what we have to offer. Don't miss out on what other COD players are discovering right now!








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